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Do humans know enough about managing the environment to attempt to manage global warming?


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Not really

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There is too much of a monetary incentive to fuck up the planet because of capitalism. In principle, not fucking up the planet is simple.

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Do humans know enough about managing the environment to attempt to manage global warming?

Hello c:

Sure, if you believe in science. Cause science tells us exactly what is causing global warming.. And, since we KNOW what causes it, we KNOW how to fix it..

Look.. I HAVE solution.. It'll kill two birds with one stone.. Science ALSO tells us that we're going to run out of oil.. So, in order to continue living the good life, we MUST find an alternative.. We should start looking for it NOW instead of waiting till gas costs $1,500/gal.. A Manhattan Project style of endeavor is needed.. Because if we DON'T find a replacement pretty soon, we'll be going back to the stone age.. As an eternal optimist, I believe we'll find it.. It's probably fusion, but I dunno.

Once we find it, it'll SOLVE global warming, and it'll SOLVE the running out of oil thing.. A TWOFER.


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We find out more every day. We already know much of what HAS to be done … IMMEDIATELY! Get rid of those who refuse to let it happen! Animals knew, instinctly, how to manage the environment. Humans, like the Native Americans, knew it too. It took greedy, numb, capitalist humans to destroy it! Some of us have realized it! Realized it a long time ago! It may be too late, now.

Greedy, conservative capitalists are the humans that DON'T know enough, (or don't give a damn), about managing the environment!

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