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Do i have to be a Muslim, to read the Quran?

i say no. i like to learn, and I plan on ordering a Quran, online.


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To be a Muslim you must understand the teachings. To understand the teachings you must read the Qur'an

That is my athiest undertsanding.

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Redeemed(1423) Clarified
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I don't want to be a Muslim, but I do believe in reading a book, before I comment, on it.

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fanemb(1) Disputed
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Does you people want to get knowledge? If yes then you people have to share with others which means you guys always start to carry your future where it is be good when you have to take that how can you take all educational information from here.

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No, but you'd have to be a Muslim to want to read the Quran.

Personally I'd prefer a good James Patterson novel.

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Redeemed(1423) Disputed
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I disagree. Have you heard of comparative religion, and the study therof? I have been studying religion, since I was 5, and I shit you not, my bad ass Mama, is so awesome, for making me learn.

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ChickenBeer(250) Disputed
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What came first, the Muslim or the Qur'an. The Qur'an explains what it means to be Muslim, so how can you be Muslim without knowing the tules?

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I agree. Religion without a holy book, is spirituality, which is similar, but not the exact same thing. good work, hun.

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Do you have to be Christian to read the Bible? Absolutely not. :D

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