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Write letters. Text him.
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joecavalry(40097) pic

Do kids write letters to Santa anymore or do they just text him?

Write letters.

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Text him.

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What would stop them from doing both?

Two list= double the gifts.

Side: Write letters.
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Wait i was suppose to write him letters back then.. ?! oopsie.

Side: Write letters.

That wouldn't have a number to text, so I am sure that they would write letters.

Side: Write letters.

What are letters?


Side: Text him.
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dear santa your a bitch niger no no no wait dear santa your a bitch ass niger.

Side: Text him.

I wonder if anyone sext him. ;)

Side: Text him.
Intangible(4933) Clarified
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If you are going to copy something from a TV show, then at least be consistent. He says "nigga" not "niger". "niger" isn't even a word for goodness sake!

Side: Write letters.
goodmale(1457) Disputed
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I did not get this of a show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Side: Write letters.