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They need to be cleaned out. Should be left pennliness.
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Do people who reveal their passwords to strangers deserve to be scammed?

There are regular television shows on which brainless fools spew out their 'hard luck stories'' about they were duped into revealing their passwords under a number of circumstances, but mainly by way of a phone call.
When these absolute imbeciles realize they've been conned and their bank account has been emptied they blame the bank, the telephone company or anyone but themselves. 

They need to be cleaned out.

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Should be left pennliness.

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Do people who reveal their passwords to strangers deserve to be scammed?

Hello N:

Yeah.. There's one born every minute.. Speaking of which, didja know Trump was hawking Trump Steaks again? Only this time, he's calling 'em MAGA Steaks..

Bwa, ha ha ha ha ha.


Side: They need to be cleaned out.
Norwich(1432) Clarified
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Well, that just goes to lets ye shows ye.

I hope you're going to make these healthy steaks a regular part of your diet.

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Hamburger(180) Disputed
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Excon's brain at work

3.2% unemployment, high job participation rate, $1.30 gas, energy independence, and "MAGA steaks" = bad

Taking money from the CCP and helping move American manufacturing to China while funding deadly virus production in Wuhan, not to mention $5 gas, empty shelves, and skyrocketing inflation = good because someone slapped a "D" on it.

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In life there are sheep and wolves.

The sheep are here to be sheared and the wolves are ready to fleece them out of their last dime.

My opinion;- the wolf has earned the right to the fool's dosh while the sheep deserve to be relieved of their money and left destitute, out in the street sleeping rough just as nature intended.

Side: They need to be cleaned out.
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Nah. Some scams are pretty good. I once worked for a company, and the email was from my boss. Only it wasn't my boss. It had his email address, but the only difference was a period subtly placed into the email adress. I was lucky that my boss's office was 20 feet away, so I just walked over and asked him about it. Not many people check for a small dot in their boss's email, and not many people ignore commands from their boss, so every single person other than me got hit. If 553 of 554 employees would fall for it, it's a pretty clever scam.

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Norwich(1432) Clarified
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Fair comment but this wasn't the type of scam to which I was referring.

My feeling of contempt is with the sort of fool who receives an unsolicited phone call from some stranger, (usually with an Asian accent), informing their intended victim any one of a number of fairy tales ranging from:- '' suspect activity has been detected on your bank account and we need your password to transfer your money to a safe account'', to:- ''your computer has been hacked and you'll have to give us your password forthwith or the hacker will be able to rob your account and order goods in your name the cost of which you will be wholly responsible.

My opinion is that after all the endless warning and numerous victim's testimonies anyone who would fall these types of scams deserves to be well and truly CLEANED OUT.

You were definitely sharp to check the authenticity of the fictitious email purporting to be from your boss.

This highlights the weakness of the internet which doesn't really have control of the services it provides.

All internet users should have the highest level of security available with second and third levels of verification.

Regularly changing passwords and upgrading security is an absolute must.

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Jace(5220) Disputed
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alternatively, those 553 people are idiots. most people are. doesn't take much to be 'clever'.

Side: Should be left pennliness.
Norwich(1432) Disputed
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Hey fool, start your sentences with a capital letter.

How do you know that the 553 of Hamburger's former colleagues are idiots?

Why do you assert that most people are idiots?

How would an uneducated junkie know that it doesn't take much to be clever?

Like I've told you before, go back to fucking your disease ridden whore mother if you can find room enough among her clients.

Side: They need to be cleaned out.
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Despite how many warnings, lengthy television programs and online cautionary advice about the plague of scammers and their clever methods to con us there are still a countless number of eye-wateringly moronic idiots who give out their passwords to the oily tongues of the scammers.



Side: Should be left pennliness.
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Side: Should be left pennliness.