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Do prolife conservatives, exist?


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Apparently, but still, last I knew over 60% of conservatives stand by Roe v Wade. That doesn't mean they LIKE abortion, nobody (in numbers) on the left "likes abortion" either. Most on BOTH sides see it as a "necessary" evil in most cases. It should be in all cases. It should be up to the woman, her immediate family …. if she has one, and her doctor! Everyone else should BUTT OUT.

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BrontosGhost(629) Disputed Banned
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Everyone else should BUTT OUT.

Sounds like my argument on all of the things the left wants its nose in, eh Al?

Overtaxation? Butt out.

My gun collection? Butt out.

Whether I can have a straw? Butt out.

Whether I burn fossil fuels in my vehicle? Butt out.

What I can post on youtube or social media? Butt out.

Peoples' Independent healthcare? Butt out.

What other nations think? Butt out.

Massive regulations on businesses? Butt out.

Illegals trying to tell us how to run our country? Butt out.

White leftists telling minorities how to think and/or feel? Butt out.

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I agree. Everyone i care about treats me like a burden, and i think i should have been aborted.

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Yes but I'm only half conservative. I take little from the conservatives and liberals which probably makes me an Independent Classical Liberal! Killing babies is fucked up unless the baby will suffer horribly being born by mutation or extreme handicapped! Maybe rape in certain cases but should be the last resort! I think adoption is still more humane!

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Prolife conservatives do not exist, because conservatives, oppoise my right, to have healthcare. If a fetus has the right to live, so do I. Conservatives, are probirth, not prolife.

Side: No.
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