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No, they will foster racism. Violence can't help any cause.
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 No, they will foster racism. (5)
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Miocene(557) pic

Do so called anti-racism rallies stop or reduce racism?

Violent, disruptive anti-racism marches only serve to tarnish the image of the anti-racist crusade as people who had hitherto been non-racist will become resentful against the rioting B.L.M., hate mobs and domestic terrorists and react accordingly. 

No, they will foster racism.

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Violence can't help any cause.

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Why do the placard carrying thugs of these frequent rallies think that their message is positively affecting their declared goal?

The violent activities of anarchist thugs who are hell bent on causing mayhem and destruction cannot promote the aims of any cause.

Of course they're aware of this but wish to continue with the real reason for their shenanigans which is well engineered clashes with the police.

Side: No, they will foster racism.
AlofRI(3126) Disputed
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I've seen a few "rallies" by what the right lovingly called "The TEA Party" that were MAJORITY thugs! I've seen placard wielding NAR members who were at least HALF thugs! Of the MILLIONS marching the last few weeks, there were a couple hundred who you could CALL thugs and a few others, definite thugs. I wouldn't call those of the last month "frequent rallies, I would call them CONSTANT rallies. Let's not forget that PEACEFUL ralliers were ATTACKED by "White House Thugs" to make way for a .... White House Thug!

And yes, They HAVE been effective, they have reduced the number of BAD cops MORE than any other rallies have done in the past. They have launched several bills that wouldn't get past a conservative branch of government in the past .... 'cause they LIKE THEIR thugs!

Side: Violence can't help any cause.
Miocene(557) Clarified
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I take on board your comments and observations but as these rallies attract thugs, domestic terrorists, anarchists and extreme left wing agitators why do the promoters of these highly charged political occasions continue to organise them if they cannot regulate their own supporters?

What do the BLM rioters want?

How do they hope to achieve whatever it is they do want?

Have they a grand plan of social and economic reform ready for publication?.

Do the BLM terrorist leaders really believe that their supposed anti-racist campaign is being furthered by regular demonstrations which invariably end in violence and the destruction of property?

A dispassionate observer would interpret their violent protest marches as simply an excuse to rent their hatred on society and to cause as much personal injury and destruction as possible.

Side: No, they will foster racism.

Nope. These events do enrich the likes of Al Sharpton, Benjamin Crump, Jessie Jackson, BLM et. al. BLM doesn't represent Blacks; they look for opportunities to profit off black misery, like the Floyd tragedy, for example. This was manna from heaven for them.

Side: No, they will foster racism.
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These BLM rioters are akin to bawling children suffering from 'chronic attention deficit hyperactivity disorder'.

They cry and scream but do not, or cannot explain exactly what it is they want.

The BLM domestic terrorist leaders act without regard to the consequences of their actions.


Side: No, they will foster racism.
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They want justice.

That being a very broad and complicated topic is not their fault/problem.

Side: Violence can't help any cause.
JustIgnoreMe(4334) Clarified
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Here are some concrete reforms to get things started - feel free to improve.

Side: No, they will foster racism.
Miocene(557) Disputed
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Global statistics would confirm that if the law was enforced equally among the various races there would be a lot more blacks in jail than there are now.

Due to their violent reaction to being caught committing crimes blacks are given the benefit of the doubt more often than whites.

That is injustice and discrimination against non-blacks.

If blacks want to see the volume of their arrests reduced it would be an idea if they would stop committing crimes.

Blacks must be made to understand that the onus is on them to reach out to whites and to behave in a manner more conducive to being socially acceptable by all other ethnic groups.

The black's;-oh poor me syndrome is only exacerbated by people like you who foster their misplaced feelings persecution.

I would attest that 90% of people are not anti-black racists but are driven to being so by the disproportionately high level of their violent criminality.

Side: Violence can't help any cause.
AlofRI(3126) Clarified
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I actually haven't seen any BLM "rioters". I've seen a few riots but who says they're BLM?? Oh, I forgot, I SAW them say it on FOX .....! Anybody can carry a sign and start a riot, that doesn't mean they represent the sign they carry. It has been a fact (since2018 ;-) that there are "very fine people" on the rioting sides, also! C'mon ... let's be "fair and balanced" about this! ;-)

Side: No, they will foster racism.
BurritoLunch(4912) Clarified
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It has been a fact (since2018 ;-) that there are "very fine people" on the rioting sides, also! C'mon ... let's be "fair and balanced" about this! ;-)

Definitely strange that black people protesting racism can't produce any "fine people", but Nazis murdering people with cars can.

Side: No, they will foster racism.
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The unfortunate element in this otherwise worthy cause is that the demonstration promoters have no interest in securing public support for their feigned concern for blacks and are totally preoccupied with attacking the police and destroying property.

Violence, destruction and injuring and/or killing police officers is their only objective.

Side: Violence can't help any cause.
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How do these these BLM terrorists hope to change society?

What exactly do they want?

Have they a detailed plan for social reform which will help them to achieve their declared aspirations?

As these wannabe latter day Martin Luther Kings spew out their meaningless drivel they haven't an inkling what they want and even less of an inkling how to achieve it.

Man, man oh man.

Side: Violence can't help any cause.

Do so called anti-racism rallies stop or reduce racism?

Lowlife racist dickheads like yourself are never going to change their minds because they don't see their bigotry as a problem. Indeed, they look to blame blacks whatever they do or say, which is why you are here right now criticising them for reacting to a racially charged, cold-blooded murder. If they didn't react you would say they are uncaring, weak-willed and claim it proves they should be subservient to whites. Such are the twisted, obnoxious thoughts which ignorant, self-serving twats like you have on a regular basis.

Side: Violence can't help any cause.