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Do "space" and "time" go hand in hand?

I was wondering if space and time go hand in hand. Like they both must exist with each other. Like if space is gone you have no time and if time is gone you have no space. Is that true?



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I agree in a conceptualized aspect. In my opinion time itself allows existence to remain eternal. Without the flow of time nothing would exist, due to the fact we age etc. Space is an area in which an object is held. Space itself surrounds everything, including time. Without space, time wouldn't maintain itself.

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The answer varies depending on how you define time and how we view space.

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If I may introduce one more thing into the question in order to give you my opinion. (Ordinary Matter) Atoms made of protons, neutrons and electrons. Leaving aside the deeper questions about quarks and leptons. And acknowledging that the nature of subatomic components of common matter are still theory.

Space, at large scales like the distance between stars, is the area where we observe no common matter. Stars, planets, rocks, ice, dust and gases are the common matter that we observe existing within space.

Time is related to the motion of common matter through space. We observe that there is an interval between common matter's changing position in space. As common matter travels through space from point (a) to point (b) we observe that it requires an interval to make the trip. We call this time.

I'm finally ready to answer your question within the framework of these definitions. Space exists without time. If we set and observe empty space forever, while space would be there, time would be meaningless. If we observe common matter moving in space, we observe time. Time then does not exist without common matter moving in space.

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