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 Do the pros of Donald Trump's candidacy outweigh the cons? (17)

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Do the pros of Donald Trump's candidacy outweigh the cons?

Donald Trump has said a lot of ridiculous things, but he is playing on the fears of the people, and some may vote for him no matter what he says due to certain things he plans to do. What do you think?
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Regardless of his benefits, I do not want to vote for a man who calls woman fat pigs and wants to shut down trade and borders not only between the US and Mexico, but the rest of the world, too. This defies the views of the country, and it's diversity.

But there are also the people who lost their jobs because so many Mexican citizens came and took their place for a lower salary. Closing off the borders will benefit these people.

But I believe that that will more so be un-beneficial than beneficial.

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I agree. Trump is a bit of a jerk. However, will Hillary be able to deal with leaders like the president of the Philippines?

Ayemaker(237) Disputed
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I haven't really been following this thing closely. I think you have to take the good with the bad sometimes.

The way I see it he is a businessman he's going to do business. I don't know what you're talking about saying he's going to shut down trade with anyone. That's ridiculous.

If you're an American and you are having trouble competing with a Mexican you need to seriously consider what you've done wrong in your life and fix that $#!t.

IAmSparticus(1516) Clarified
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What's ridiculous is someone who hasn't payed any attention to a candidate trying to convince people that their criticisms are unfounded.

The man is an unapologetic racist, bigoted scam artist who would destroy the global economy with his half-assed economic bets. Even Republicans are saying he doesn't have any idea how the economy or law works.

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Ladies and gentlemen I present the idiot America that will see Trump elected.

fabcharlotte(14) Clarified
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I was incorrect. Trump simply wants to shut down trade agreements with China and Mexico.

The Americans that lost their jobs because of Mexican Immigration didn't have much choice. Most were basically fired.

Here is a graph of Americans who lost their jobs to illegal immigrants.

Here is an article that states 51% of Americans believe they are competing for jobs from illegal immigrants.

These are reasons why an American might want to vote for trump.

I DO NOT SUPPORT TRUMP but you are wrong.

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His only pro is not being Hillary, and right now that's a pretty good one.

the way I see it Trumpy has only one "pro" going for him, and that is that since he is richer than God, if he were elected as POTUS we would not have to worry about him being paid off or put in the pocket of some lobbyist or special interest group. He wouldn't be a bought-and-paid-for politico like so many of them are these days.

but that's his only pro. Oh, his business acumen would maybe make him a good candidate for a Commerce Secretary, or some sort of Advisor to the prez on economics, but that's it. His cons are many, including but not limited to: zero foreign policy experience; a thin skin; an inherent means streak; and a volatile temper.

So no, I don't see any way his pros outweigh or even come close to equaling his Cons.

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I think that the younger more educated generation will clearly support Hillary. However, the majority of American voters are not more educated and humanitarian. Instead they are old, racist, and biased and consequently, they will vote for Trump. Not because Trump is racist and biased, but because that is the PR image that the media has given him.

Since the younger generation is more liberal, they will side with Hillary. Not because she is more liberal, but because that is the feeling you get from her because of her political affiliations.

You have to remember, the average voter doesn't really do their research.

Having a person who is clearly disrespectful as the leader of a country doesn't reflect good on America's reputation. Furthermore, this will be used by other countries who want to go to war against America. He might have good negotiators and be willing to bully other countries into giving him what he wants. However, in the long term, this may cause ill will and resentment. But he will solve problems at the end of the day. Furthermore, Trump will cause tons of social issues.

Hillary however, will serve as a role model for woman all throughout America. She will be taken advantage of if she doesn't have resolve. She is a strong woman however, she stood by Bill Clinton even when he went through shit and hazing. However, what I've noticed is that a lot of white woman are a source of racism, so I'd prefer the first female president to have an interracial marriage. Hillary doesn't have a track record of success throughout her life, however, she is a fighter.

I think that Trump will take action (good or bad). Why? Because he isn't afraid to make mistakes. I think Hillary will try and equalize things and draw out conflicts, however, nothing will change much with her.

I like the fact that he's a true outsider and brings real-world experience to the table. He's a businessman who understands the value of a dollar and would be a good steward of OUR resources. I also like the fact that he's willing to talk about the "elephants" in the room most others won't mention. Illegal immigration, the wall, the Muslim terrorist/jihidi issues, unfair trade deals, putting US number one instead of everybody else, taking on the MSM,... just to name a few issues.

I do worry about his lack of policy, his personal and petty twitter attacks and airing personal grievances and a few other matters. He just doesn't seem to want to delve into the issues that a president will have to deal with once in office. These are just a few things off the top of my head.

If he were running against anyone but these extremist Liberal Democrats taking over the Democrat party, he would not be the first choice.

But we are talking about another eight years of the same dysfunctional government we have had with activists tied to their PC lobbyists. Hillary has been PROVEN to be corrupt, terrible at foreign policy, terrible at anything other than creating scandals.

In case you missed it, our world is getting more dangerous from the Left's weakness. They spend their time fixating on political correctness, not wanting to maybe offend some Muslims while Americans die. Rome burns while Democrats are worrying about forcing every public school to allow boys in girls bathrooms.

Yes, Trump says many stupid things which proves he is not a phony politician with decades of perfecting the art of non answers and lies just to get elected.

We might need someone who says it like he thinks no matter the fallout. Maybe it's not too late to bring America back from the brink.

fabcharlotte(14) Disputed
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You are very correct.

But I think that if we are looking to have a Republican leader, it should not by any costs, be Trump.

Hillary is our best option right now. We were given a handful of average to bad candidates and we have to deal with it.

If Trump is elected, I doubt he will reign even to one full term. And if he does, I sure hope someone runs against him. I don't want him for 8 years, let alone 4.

FromWithin(8240) Disputed
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How on earth is Hillary our best option? Whenever there is a clinton in office whether it be Bill as President or her as secretary of state, there are constant scandals.

They are consumed by money and power and are corrupt liars.

She is following Obama's same failed policies which have been terrible. This is the worst recovery from a recession since ww2.

She is another extremist fixated on the LGBT, environmental, abortion lobbyists, and would appoint more activist Justices "FOR LIFE" who would strip more of our freedoms to own guns, to decide for ourselves the marriage laws in our states, to make our own bathroom policies in our local public schools without forcing boys who say they are girls in the girl's bathrooms, etc.

They have become BIG BORTHER! They are closet sociaists who have double our debt in 7 years.

The Democrat party has been taken over by political correct extremists and we can't allow another eight years of this extreme ideology taking our freedoms to dissagree with their collective. They use middle class money to buy votes from their low income voting blocks. That is pure corruption. The low income class keeps growing under these extremist Democrats. This is what they want, to have most Americans dependent on Government and in this way control their vote.

Yes Trump is an unknown but we have separation of powers for a reason. If he turned out to be as bad as Obama and Hillary, he can only do so much.

We need someone to change the death spiral of this nation. Maybe it takes an outspoken egotist to do it.

The corruption in our government runs deep and it will take a huge outcry from the electorate to change it. Trump speaks off the cuff and makes many stupid statements because he has not been trained for decades how to lie to the people and never answer a question.

Hillary is more of the same. If we elect her we are sanctioning their lies and corruption! We are sending a message to every politician that he can get away with corruption and lies and STILL the people will vote for them.

Don't let them get away with being corrupt liars who spit on our laws.

Sorry for the long response.

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It depends on whether or not he wins the Presidency... Seriously

Because if he loses (and I think he will) then he already achieved shaking up the establishment severely, and for that I'd say the pros outweigh the cons.

But, if he wins, then I'd say you have a loose cannon angry nutjob in a position of power and we're all screwed and the cons vastly outweigh those pros.

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No. Donald Trump will bring back racism and will collapse the economy. Then he will put the blame on Obama.

Ayemaker(237) Disputed
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Where's he going to bring racism back from? It hasn't gone anywhere.

The economy is due for a collapse, everybody who says differently is lying to themselves. Whether it happens under this President or the next, it's going to happen soon enough.

You can't blame just one person for that. Not even Obama.

Ignoramis(381) Disputed
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The economy was due for a collapse during Bushes era. If anything, it has slightly improved, however, there is still a war going on, and whenever a war takes place, it hurts the economy.

Based on some of these arguments, our country is in a nasty situation. Sad times.