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ALL politicians are corrupt. Only the naive.
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 ALL politicians are corrupt. (2)
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Do the revelations in the 'Pandora Papers' surprise anyone?

The U.K's left wing prime Minister for the best part of three terms and Labor Party leader, Tony Blair who sanctimoniously denounced the practice of Tax-avoidance by large corporations as well as those sufficiently wealthy  to employ clever accountants ( Loophole, Loophole & Loophole ) has been named in the 'Pandora Papers' as a TAX-AVOIDER when he and his lawyer wife avoided paying some £ 400,000 in stamp duty when purchasing a multi-million £ property in London. 
Only the rich get richer and the poor get exploited, double-crossed and duped.

ALL politicians are corrupt.

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Only the naive.

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As the old saying underlines;- ''everyone has they're price'' we shouldn't be too quick to judge others.

The so called Pandora Papers include a lot of names of people who give the impression that butter wouldn't melt in their mouths, or anywhere else for that matter.

Side: ALL politicians are corrupt.
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Do the revelations in the 'Pandora Papers' surprise anyone?

Hello A:


Here's a tasty tidbit, nearly 3,700 companies with more than 4,400 beneficiaries who were Russian nationals – the most among all nationalities in the data. The figure includes 46 Russian oligarchs.

Your orange leader sold some properties to Russian oligarchs... Hmmm. I wonder how he'll fare in all this.


PS> OMG! I changed the topic again

Side: ALL politicians are corrupt.
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There will be a lot of gin & tonic swigging tonight by red faced tax-avoiders and criminal heads of State who have squirreled away $ millions of their country's wealth in what they thought were safe havens.

Side: Only the naive.