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Yes we do. No we do not.
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Do we actually have free choice?

Are the choices we make the result of what we decide or is everything predetermined?

Is what has happened in the past decide what will happen in the future?

Are we truly in-control of our lives?

I appreciate every response to this and hope this question is to your taste.


Yes we do.

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No we do not.

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My predetermined fate was to post this argument in favour of free will.

Side: Yes we do.

This isn't something that anyone is currently able to answer definitively.

If we don't have free will, though, we have an extremely complex and chaotic set of "rules" that vary from person to person that dictate our behaviour, and it does a pretty damn good job of creating the illusion of free will.

For the purposes of the debate though, I'm going to have to answer with some admittedly shaky reasoning- I vote we have free will, because if we do not have free will then we do not actually have the capacity to hold an opinion either way within the context of a debate.

Side: Yes we do.

There's the possibility that we are being manipulated. We may be able to perceive, but how we behave may depend on what the observer/controller is seeing us perceive through our minds TV screen and then he/she/it will decide what we do. But then... that would imply that the observer has the "free choice" to make us do these things, so either way it goes, somebody has free choice.

Side: Yes we do.

No one asks to be born, therefore, there is no free choice.

Side: No we do not.