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Do we ever show our governments enough gratitude?

We sit here complaining and ranting all day about the problems of our governments - but have we ever actually thanked them for what they have done?

Do we unfairly chastise them and never thank them?


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We vote them in - that's more gratitude then they shall ever deserve.

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gcomeau(536) Disputed
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I'll make a prediction... you drift through your life enjoying an uncounted number of government provided conveniences you never even think about or realize the amount of work being done to maintain them while spouting off about how terrible the government is... and you would be one of the people complaining loudest if those conveniences went away.

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TERMINATOR(6778) Disputed
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Believe you me, I think about those conveniences. My aunt worked in city planning for decades. I have little problem without conveniences. I have a personal collection of nearly 1000 books - giving me little desire for a library. I walk most of the time, giving me little use for roads. I wear the same clothes for about three or four days, and I bathe about once or twice a week - I don't use water that much, and I wouldn't complain if I had to get it from a well. I use the internet mainly to expand my knowledge - I could do it just as easily by reading my three encyclopedia sets. I've seen most movies and TV shows worth watching, so a lack in electricity would not bother me in that regard. I haven't been to a doctor for years.

I would not complain about a lack of these so-called conveniences.

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If this question pertains to local government, there are a lot more conveniences that I would never want to give up. Local government is much more important than federal government other than national defense. Unlike some in federal government, many are hidden.

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Well, we make our own government. It is okay to pat oneself on the back occassionally I suppose,

but mostly criticism is more productive,

when criticism is based in reality of course, which much of the anti-government rants have not been,

but other than that, criticism is healthy.

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I'm guessing that the Liberal "down with Bush's Patriot Act Bill" criticism is just as bad as "Down with Obamanomics"... correct?

IDK; I find both arguments to be quite legitimate.

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Kinda(1649) Disputed
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How often is criticism made my most people helpful?

We all (including me) sit here thinking we can do a better job than the primeminister/president/other powerful places but in reality I don't think any of us could handle half the pressure. Sure they make some extremely stupid decisions, but we wouldn't be able to survive 90% of their day.

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I agree. I certainly couldn't lead a cat out of a paper bag. I'm a loner.

But we decide who leads us for the most part, and even if we ourselves are not up to the job does not mean we do not have the right to insist those who feel they are worthy to lead do a good job.

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Phhhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Oww, my side XD

If anything they're given far too much credit. XD

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By giving them our money when they tax us is enough gratitude.

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To be very honest, I don't think I've ever thanked the government.

Maybe ocassionally... veeeryyy rarely.

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Just to show more appreciation, you could just pay more taxes. They don't take gifts.

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They charge you an arm and a leg in taxes, they don't deserve thanks.

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