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Do we have to learn all the subjects in school?

In some countries, students should learn more than 10 subjects. Whether it will be effective to support they dream?


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I think that we all need to learn all subjects so that everyone has the same general knowledge. There is a reason we have electives, to chose what other skills we want to learn for whatever profession we want to major in.

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Learning ALL the subjects seems a bit unecesary to me. Instead of learning things you won't really need in the future, it's best to be able to choose what you want to focus on.

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They need to learn about credit cards, how to cook, how to fix things around the house, how to fix a car, how to go about purchasing a house and/or car, and life skills, but alas, a liberal school system simply sets many up for failure and disappointment because it teaches you little that you actually use or need in real life, teaches you to have no coping skills, teaches you a fantasy that doesn't exist, and sadly, many times they guide you towards a degree that is useless or yields no capital. The fact is, life is hard, and that's the first thing they need to teach you before anything else. If you have questions pm me.

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