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Do we need salt?

What I mean to ask: Does CreateDebate need personal conflicts to be as entertaining as possible? How important are they, if at all, to the livelihood of the community? It's too bad that there isn't a "meta" category.


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It takes a balance. Both Forandagainst as well as Yickyak had participation dwindle when the troublemakers stayed away. But they also got bogged down later by those same troublemakers essentially driving those sites off the cliffs.

If all debates are like cockfighting in the cellar you'll end up in the cellar. And if they're all like high tea at the Ritz you'll end up with just a couple uptight old ladies left. Somewhere in the happy middle is hanging out at the pub. Aspire to be a CreateDebate Pub.

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Salt is needed in the diet ! But why do Progressives so dislike salt ?

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The website as it currently is seems to need it, since an unfortunately high number of people seem to come here only for these salty encounters.

I'd like to say that in theory it doesn't need it, but I'm guessing if the salt-seekers disappeared, there wouldn't be enough new people to support the site.

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there is a meta category. Its called "general."

and yes, Salt is the spice of debate! without it this site would not be as spicy!

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