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Do women interchange chivalry and chauvinism whenever convenient?

Think about it: you're out on a date with a girl, and you pick up the tab and driver her home on gas out of your own wallet. This is common courtesy for a man, right? If a man doesn't do this, women are up in arms! But, by that same token, if a man says anything vaguely resembling a female stereotype, such as cooking, cleaning, or taking care of him, the same woman will be even more infuriated!


What is going on??


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What is the difference between chivalry as it applies to the treatment of women, and benevolent chauvinism? Even someone who doesn't think much about how they relate can pick up on which one is more blatantly negative towards them.

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It is so true and its why I dislike modern day feminist so much. I have a hard time understanding their motivations. They claim they are equal to men in every way and they should be treated as such but when they are they complain that things are to hard and they should get special treatment ( a golf handicap, preferential treatment in a job,scholarships for school, larger baseballs, shorter basketball hoops, a month dedicated to them and on and on). Men in general are not without their own hypocrisies and I know that there are sane rational self reliant women out there, don't give up on us yet.

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You have a good point there. Men are expected to act a certain way but at times are not given the appreciation for the nice way there are.

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If the guy asks you out, than he is essentially the host and therefore must pick up the bill. A female should do the same if she asked him out but assuming that certain things will be given by either party based primarily on gender rather than outside actions, is considered chauvinism.

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