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Is IOS system better than Android system?

Is IOS system better than android system, or is it the other way around?I don't know about you ,but please feel free to share everyone YOUR opinion :)
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iOS is the best because it is the only one I use and the only one I will ever use. I am a mindless Apple fanboy and not afraid to own it.

M7MD_MNEEF(31) Disputed
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Well dont u think ios is too restraining when it comes to downloading apps??? For instance if i want to download a paid app or song and dont want to pay ,,on android i could just download easily from any apk or mp3 website .. Now you cant do that on ios can u?

nobodyknows(745) Disputed
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Oh man. You mean I can't download malware infested applications off sleazy websites on the internet?

Actually, if you want to be software stealing scum who doesn't care that you are mostly stealing from small developers and not big corporations, you can jailbreaker your iPhone and install whatever your want. But I don't think you can call "it is hard to steal apps" a disadvantage for any moral person. It's only a disadvantage for lowlife scum.

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IOS is trash. Any android system beats it badly for one reason: launchers. Launchers can be downloading from the google play store without jailbreaking or anything sketchy, and they totally change your front-end OS. It looks better, is hella more customizable, and suits everyone however they like it!

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Pffft .

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I thing android system is better because is very easy ............

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Node.js can be used for both Android and iOS, but it is best suited for developing real-time applications. Node.js offers a rich library of modules and is lightweight, making it perfect for developing applications that involve a lot of data processing. It also has a great focus on data streams and asynchronous events, meaning it can handle a lot of requests at once. However, iOS apps are traditionally written using Swift and Objective-C, which may be more suited to the type of application you plan to develop. Ultimately, the best choice will depend on the specific needs of your app: