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Do you believe Bitcoin is a worthy form of currency?

because the jews that run this world (central banks) are trying to convince you its not. i wonder why that is...





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personally, i love the whole concept and cant wait to see it become the future.

i think its complete BS the way currency value differs from one nation to the next.

the money masters of this world deserve to fall HARD!

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Bitcoin is currently a virtual currency. Most people buy Bitcoin only for speculation. As I know,the value of Bitcoin has dropped dramatically. Quite fun...

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westernslave(695) Clarified
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i cant say im an expert on the subject...i have no idea what the exchange rate is to buying them or what the deal is with "mining" bitcoins. i dont like the idea they are being treated as "stock"

i think it would be great though, to have an digital type currency that cant be counterfeited and can be used worldwide with out all the fees or value drops/increases.

i wouldnt be surprised if the value drop talk is just propaganda to discourage people from getting on the bitcoin wagon

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