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Do you believe I pissed off someone?

Do believe that "Thewayitis" has pissed off someone? 




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Yes, I think so. But, people shouldn't take it so personally! We have identified some of the massive down voters and are terminating them and we will try to "undo" their down votes.

I will let you know how it goes!


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Well, that's obvious... It is also obvious that the person with multiple accounts that is doing all the down voting must be a miserable loser to spend so much time down voting you.

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I don't see y someone's opinion has to be hated so much? Everyone's opinion has the right to be seen as good as anyone else. Just because you disagree, you can't throw it down so bad. That is really unfair. That must feel bad. I'm gonna up vote anywhere that I see your down voted real bad.

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I don't really know you or have seen you stuff so I can't say anything for or against you. But people need to realize that it's your opinion and whether they like it or not they should learn to respect it. Unless you cussed them out

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Not really, the most you have done is expressed your opinion which just so happens to differ from a few others. This is what debate sites are for. You have abided by the rules and stated the truth (for the most part) so I really don't see why anyone would be pissed off at you apart from cowards who despise the Truth :)

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NO, I don't believe it. That is a complete shock and an outrage! LOL Who hasn't pissed someone off here at least once.

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