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Do you believe in a God/

I believe in the God of the Bible.


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Even ignoring jesus and all prophecies about him.

Lets concerntrate on the history of israel ex. The story of moses.

Do you think if the super natural events weren't true..egypt would have let go their slaves in exchange of nothing And how would they have Crossed the sea?; with helicopters?. Or the history of israel is a lie?

So How did they receive the commandments they believe in now?

And if true...who set moses on that course in the first place when he thought he was running wouldn't it be stupid of him to go and make such a demand: free the slaves, from the king of egypt.

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I was once an atheist until I realised I was god.

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God is proven. His word is proven. He is only a myth to those who are illogical. And fyi Islam is the polar opposite of YHWH.


The two bookends of apostasy tell if it is of light, YHWY. Or of darkneness, Satan.

The climb that one goes from the most violent to degrees of less violent which is apostate in Islam.

Where in Christianity the most violent are evil and depraved in apostasy. And every degree closer to Christ is less violent but still apostate. The disciple is martyred over violence. And that is considered a joy in Heaven.

From strict Islam the most violent to the not so ferverent supporter who is a little less violent and the less violent according to evil god allah, and his evil prophet mohammad. And every degree that is less violent than the ferverent is apostate in Islam.

So the opposite is true of YHWY, who judges viloent evil men, and vengeance is His judgment. In Jesus we lay our lives down in this world. We are not of this world, we live in it and do good in it, but we do not get tangled in the violence and bitterness of it. We are salt and light.

So Christianity starts in the polar opposite direction of Islam.

Disciples of Christ, who loves Him with all of their hearts are not violent, or bitter, or brutal, nor vengeant.

Every degree of that is considered apostate, as the fallen move toward violence. The ultimate in violence as seen in many activisms and political apostasy. Catholicism and murder of every kind is the darkest symptom possible in the heart of an apostate so called Christian.

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Jesus did say I and My Father are one

He did say before moses "I Am"

He did say seven I Am statements, that ref the name I Am to Himself

He said I Am the Alpha and Omega

Many prophet saw Him.

"6 And his body was like tarshish, and his face was like the appearance of lightning, and his eyes were like firebrands, and his arms and his legs were like the appearance of brandished copper, and the sound of his words was like the voice of a multitude."

So in Islam, please explain to me why this man is not significant in your text?


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My ontology does not include a theistic God. I really have a hard time seeing why one should believe these theistic doctrine. It seems more based on tradition than reason.

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Sitar(3682) Clarified
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What is ontology?................................................................................

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JatinNagpal(2678) Clarified
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(Here) A theory about the nature of reality.

It means that he does not think an unknowable deity is required to explain the laws of the universe.

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I dont believe in any god or supernatural power or being.

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No , to believe in a fictitious supernatural entity that no one has ever seen , heard or touched yet somehow fulfills the criteria of existent things is ludicrious and totally irrational .

Believers are merely victims of indoctrination do they also believe in all other supernatural entities that people say exist and if not why not ?

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EvenThere(3) Clarified
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If you do not believe in God, then, who caused you? ..............................................................

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Dermot(5796) Clarified
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Who caused me ? That would be my parents wouldn't it ?

If you believe in god who caused God ?

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