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Do you believe in an afterlife independent of a God?


Animals don't have a supreme ruler.  Maybe humans also don't have a supreme ruler except for those ass holes we elect or take control by force.  Maybe when we die we have to take care of ourselves the way animals take care of themselves. 


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Except for liberals. Liberals need someone to take care of them. As far as liberals are concerned, the government is God ;)

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the afterlife has been reported in multiple religions. the connection would thus forth create a way to make it look to be connected but the sciences cant prove or disprove the theory due to the fact it is unknown

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How do you know animals don't believe in a God ? ;)

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I never saw one kneel down to pray before going to bed ;)

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They have other ways. ;)

Like this one below :

Supporting Evidence: Wolf praying (
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AryaOne(217) Clarified
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Oh no, that link doesn't work. Can't we delete our comment on this site? That's very peculiar!

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