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 Do you believe in bigfoot? (9)

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Do you believe in bigfoot?

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It's as believable as god.

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Some people like to believe in something bigger, greater, larger than life. It gives meaning to an otherwise predictable existence as a mere animal that is born, lives, dies and in the meantime pays taxes.

Erich Von Daniken's book Chariot of the Gods was a good example and is as believable as Bigfoot and space ships and that the world is flat.

There will always be a minority of human animals who need to hold on to the false belief that there is something more "out there".

Though I am never quite sure where "out there" really is..?

Not personally, though that might be different if I had experienced what those who have "seen" bigfoot (or its signs/tracks/whatever) had allegedly experienced.

It's certainly not impossible for such a thing to exist, and far from impossible for various environmental conditions, viewing angles, and mental states to make something appear far larger than it really is too.

Still... you'd think someone would have found something more conclusive by now if bigfoot was real, though that's hardly fair to just assume.

HarvardGrad(174) Disputed
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Just because the common notion of Bigfoot turned out to be a hoax does not mean that it does not exist. I'm sure people faked things that actually existed- if you saw a new creature and couldn't snap a picture or what have you, and you tried to explain to others what you saw and of course they didn't believe you, and you couldn't find it again, your best bet may be to fake it until you could find the real creature.

JustIgnoreMe(3586) Clarified
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your best bet may be to fake it until you could find the real creature.

um, what?

Your best bet is evidence. How would you know whether you had fallen for the many demonstrated hoaxes?

Absense of evidence where there should be evidence is evidence (though not proof) of absence.

Do you believe anything anyone has ever believed even when there is no other evidence (every God, etc.)?

Your best bet in not believing, but remaining open to evidence to the contrary.

No. It's just a silly campfire scare story to give campers the willies.