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 Do you believe in evolution (like Hitler) or Intelligent Design (like Pope Francis I)? (21)

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Do you believe in evolution (like Hitler) or Intelligent Design (like Pope Francis I)?

Who do you want to believe?

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Do you believe in Intelligent Design (like Osama Bin Laden) or evolution (like William Lane Craig)? This is just pure propaganda. If you're going to debate the thing, then actually make it fair.

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Seriously... if someone who is negative believes in something it doesn't make it bad... Hitler was a vegetarian. Is everyone who is a vegetarian the next Hitler?

Hitler(2364) Disputed
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No he fucking wasn't. This is some bullshit rumour spread by meat eating imbeciles that think they know what the man who ordered the biggest Christmas dinner every December had as his choice of diet.

Nice invocation of Godwin's Law. Belief in evolution does not make someone like Hitler.

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When I saw the title I knew someone would bring that up..............

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I did too. .


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No contest.

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You would have to be a fool not to admit that the mechanism of evolution... Yes, if only people with blue eyes reproduced we would have a population of only people with blue eyes... Hats off to the total genius who realized that...

Evolution fails to explain major differences between species. If someone can demonstrate a single cell organism evolving into a multi-celled organism in a lab I might rethink my position, but I don't see that happening any time soon.

How bout this... Someone explain to me how an organism picks up a pair of chromosomes at random, remaining viable, an someone finds a mate with the same mutation to start populating a new species.

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Chromosomes are not always active. Someone could be carrying a gene to have a specific trait, like eye color, but it could be either dominant or recessive, and some gene's are "turned off" in the human species. When people mate whose genes match up that a different gene is "activated," then that gene is present in the person.

A chromosome has millions and millions of genes in it, and there are billions of people on this earth... of course there is going to be variation.

AngryGenX(463) Disputed
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I think you misunderstood my challenge. I understand genese change and such. My question is how does an organism pick up more chromosomes an then happen to find a mate in the same area and time to start a new species.

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I believe in evolution, and on a side note hitlers intentions. Not the way he went about his intentions but the rational behind them. Nice try on putting your disbelief with a negative figure head. (FYI) the crusades had more casualties then the holocaust. Your persuasion is contradicted.