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 Do you believe in soulmates, 'anyone will do', 'love is a lie' or other? (2)

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Do you believe in soulmates, 'anyone will do', 'love is a lie' or other?

For me, it's other.

There's some people I'd never be able to love (I mean I'm attracted to females for a start so males are at a huge disadvantage in seducing me) but there are people who I think I could love if we spent more time together and things like that but since we don't I don't love at all.

You get me? Thank you.
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Thank you for reading this debate description. Your reward is a great love song, the aliens sang it to me they love me in a bad way ;) :

They made me an offer I couldn't refuse.
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Honestly, I can relate to that on quite a few levels. Being a bisexual female honestly just contributes to it too. There's a ton of people who I 100% believe I don't have a chance with; then there's people that I feel 50-50 about, which I can only decide whether I spend time around them and educate myself on them ((which obviously never happens because I'm a socially awkward introvert who doesn't go outside for shiiii-)).