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I DO, amen.. FUCK no. That's NUTS
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Do you believe, that WITHOUT the Bible, we'd be raping and killing willy nilly?

I DO, amen..

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FUCK no. That's NUTS

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Who the hell is Willy Nilly?

I once knew a Lilly Nilly at school and was wondering if there was any connection.

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I believe that without the Bible or a set of ideals like it, you'd create a police state that censors dissenters, runs people out of restaurants, take over Portland, tell the police to stand down if those heing attacked dissent, throw milkshakes on people, use surveillance on your political opponents, and pull 9 month old babies feet first out of the womb leaving their head inside to justify murdering them. Anything else?

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All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, in some way, or another, so without God and the Bible, there would be more evil.

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No not at all. However I find it interesting that the few I have heard say they believe this would happen were all very religions people. Phyc that one out.....?

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What kind of insane question is this - Do you believe, that WITHOUT the Bible, we'd be raping and killing willy nilly?

SUPER STUPID are you aware that you know NOTHING ???????????

The 2017 Crime in the United States report found a 19.4 percent increase in the number of reported rapes since 2013. It also shows a 0.9 percent decrease in the overall rate for violent crime compared to 2016, although the rate of violent crime has increased by 3.7 percent since 2013.

Grow a FUCKIN BRAIN you IGNORANT MILLENNIAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Do you believe that carbohydrates are necessary for the synthesis of dopamine and it's inhibitors?

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