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Do you believe that living near good schools will cost an extra $200K+

Want to live in a good school district? It'll cost you an extra $200k.

good schools cost money

I believe it!

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I believe it! And I think some people pay much more than that to live in neighborhoods that have the best school districts.

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This is no surprise that it would cost an extra $200,000 given the monopolistic power and suffocating strength of government schools.

The cost of education is rising because of government subsidies and monopolistic tendencies.

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Apollo(1608) Disputed
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Because a free-market would distribute the wealth 100% equally and there would be no correlation between the quality of an education and the wealth of those who attend...

Ya right...

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Since a free market is absent of all central planning, no entity or person has control or use of coercion, so the market is open to all participants.

"The market gives wealth to those who can hold it, while politicians give it to their constituents who, as a rule, cannot." Market

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Money means everything and houses are going to cost plenty to be near an excellent school district.

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It depends on where you live. In some parts of the country you can get a decent home for under $200,000 and in a good school district.

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