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Do you care about our nation's childrens children?


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It pains me greatly to think that my children and grandchildren will suffer for the decisions of my parents and peers. I hope that I can make them understand and forgive us for "knowing what's best".

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I sometimes pretend to feign that I care when, in reality, I'm not sure that I really give a ship.
But then, I try not to spend too much time in reality because, well ... it sortasux.
All right - tongue out of my cheek now - don't we have some kind of moral obligation to care?
I can't help but wonder - would the world be a better place if EVERYONE accepted a responsibility to be a steward of the planet?
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Our children are the future and their children as well. One day I will be gone and all that will be here to pass on my name are my descendants. If I leave them filth and depravity, will they love me? If I leave them beauty and health, will they hate me?

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Absolutely not because our children shouldn't be having sex!
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No, they'll figure it out for themselves. Let's just keep pumping Carbon in to the environment and jacking up that National deficit.
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I'm not procreating, so why should I care? Although, I do think that we're heading in the way of "Idiocracy". So, maybe I do care a little.

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