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Do you collect anything?

Coins, books, porn, etc.?

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Stuff. I'm a hoarder. It's hereditary.

I'm always buying silly things I don't need because I think I need them. Like more and more and more clothes, even when I still have clothes I've never worn in my closet. And I redesign my apartment like every few months.

I'm not as bad as the people in the video, but my grandmother was, and my mother is getting there.

Also, seaglass.

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human body parts.

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I use to collect a lot of things. Like those 99cent trolls. I had like 5 dozens of them, in every size and color. Then one day I was like, "what's the good in collecting these if they only cost a buck each?" And I threw them all out. Then I started throwing out a lot more stuff because I was moving so much and getting sick of having so much clutter.

Today, I mostly collect anything Panda (with limitation on stuffed animals; I only have 2), letters and pictures and whatever I can from my husband, books, and snow globes.

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I collect air! You never know when you'll need an ample supply. Plus, I collect Films and own over 1000 movies.

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It sounds weird, but I collect Swedish troll figurines. I don't know why. I love them. I can't help it.

Supporting Evidence: Hemslöjd (
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Trolls kick ass.

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I like to collect autographs and movie posters. I have some very expensive items in my collection.

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