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Nah, chicks are OK Eww Gross, just as bad.
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Do you consider Lesbians to be wrong?

For those who feel that Gay Males are

Nah, chicks are OK

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Eww Gross, just as bad.

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Until the last century, girl-with-girl was not even considered "sex." Female sensuality has a strong social role in polygamous societies and many monogamous.

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Nothing wrong with lesbian love from my point of view.

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I think you'd be hard pressed to find any guy that's opposed to girls kissing other girls. In fact, most guys spend there entire high school lives fantasizing about it . . . it's amazing any of us graduate.

It's an interesting homosexual double standard, gay guys aren't afforded the same acceptance. But this debate is no different than the standard homosexual debate. Being gay is a-okay.

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