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Do you consider it A-Okay to downvote comments simply because you disagree with them?


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Some arguments are so idiotic and angering that one does not have the immediate patience to type out a dispute explaining their thoughts. This is where the down-vote button comes in :D

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That's not necessarily downvoting simply because you disagree with it, you've actually taken the time to establish that is an idiotic comment.

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I believe it is ok to downvote any argument as long as you are doing it in the context of the debate and not because you don't like the person. I have been thinking about taking away down voting for anyone who is an enemy or hostile...but of course not tell people that!

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Well , the down vote system would passively help a discussion , it makes it easier to see how many people agrees or disagrees on a certain opinion

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Down voting seems to be for that reason. I mean if we disagree then there reasoning would be idiotic to us. So down voting would be a logical step.

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Why wouldn't it be?

I believe it's A-okay to downvote a comment because you do agree. I believe it's okay to downvote a comment because it's Thursday. I believe it's okay to downvote a comment for no reason at all.

The points don't matter. Both in the sense of "who's winning the debate" and in the sense of "this is the internet, and a site where we do not get paid, nor do our arguments make any real change". I could throw in a third reason, being that as a nihilist I don't believe that anything matters, but that may be too far.

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I don't, personally. I downvote very poor arguments only, and that not often- but when I do it, I do it because the argument is just awful, even if I agree with the position.

I'll sometimes downvote my own arguments after later reflection, or if I accidentally dispute when I mean to support, and stuff to that effect.

Not that I care how you guys vote or anything, thats just how I do it.

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I feel it is disrespectful to downvote someone simply because you disagree. Debating is about the person disagreeing with you. If people don't disagree you can't have a debate. I like the idea of only downvoting when the person makes such an awful argument it doesn't deserve to be seen by anyone. If someone gives reasons for their beliefs they have contributed to the debate. If their reasons are horrible, you can downvote them too. Like completely off topic.

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