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I do No. It's about me
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Do you ever think about how much your mother sacrificed for you

I do

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No. It's about me

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You are obviously talking about wonderful mothers who choose not to put their own convenience over an unborn baby's life.

Feminism is trying to destroy everything special and wonderful about motherhood.

For pro abortion supporters, the value of career and self supersede the value of their children's lives.

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Oh yes. Being one myself I think about all the things my mother did for me and am more thankful now then ever before.

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Well, in a way she sacrificed her body. She also sacrificed her money and time.

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Bronto(2003) Disputed
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Well, in a way she sacrificed her body.

I know. And she was very good.

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AlphaBowser(85) Disputed
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You are a disgusting animal bronto. His mother has nothing to do with anything.

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