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Yes,Government serves us well No, Government is selfserving
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Do you feel that Government has your best interest in mind

Is government really for the people by the people or is there a ruling class that takes care of it own and big business that contributes to the ruling class's (efforts to rule). 

Yes,Government serves us well

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No, Government is selfserving

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As of right now? Our government sucks. All the republicans and democrats can do is argue and complain about each other. And they set their salary’s ridiculously high. But, maybe if we got some independents/other third parties in, wed stop arguing and go back to the government for the people.

Side: Yes,Government serves us well
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Governments are usually working against the people. This is why you have the black/white divide in America. They create these divides, so the people can't unite against the government and create a real democracy.

Side: No, Government is selfserving