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It irks me to death! I don't mind it
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Do you get annoyed when you notice somebody reading over your shoulder?

It irks me to death!

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I don't mind it

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Personally, I can't stand it. If I want somebody else to read what I'm reading then I'll ask them if they want to look.

Side: It irks me to death!
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It doesn't exactly 'irk me to death' when someone is reading over my shoulder, althought that has never happened to me before, so I ahev no idea how lethal it is. However, I cannot stand when all these people ask me 'watcha readin'?' when they obviously don't care one bit what the answer is: It's just meaningless conversation.

Side: It irks me to death!
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Yes, I hate it when people hover over my shoulder and read. At the same time they will be breathing and talking in my ear and I just want to turn around and hit them with something very hard.

Side: It irks me to death!

Well, it is a rude gesture! I think some people think they have a right to read over one's shoulder instead of asking what a person is reading.

Side: It irks me to death!
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That depends largely on how attractive (and female) the person looking over my shoulder is.

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It really depends on how long or if they are doing something annoying in the process.

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