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 Do you get tired of the Left judging the Right for not supporting free healthcare for all? (8)

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Do you get tired of the Left judging the Right for not supporting free healthcare for all?

When you look at the definitions for word's such as hypocrisy, there should be a picture of the Democrat Party. The Left has spent it's life trying to paint the Right as being uncaring non compassionate intolerant people.

Now mind you, these are the same people who support killing any baby for any reason up to birth. I KNOW, you can't make this stuff up. It's like we are living in the Twilight zone.

So here's the thing. We have the Democrat Party judging the Right for supposedly not caring for the poor, while they pander to their radical Feminist Pro abortion lobbies, keeping No Restriction abortions legal.

So in bizarro world, dismembering our most innocent vulnerable lives is somehow not brutal and barbaric, but rather the compassionate thing to do. How's that for dysfunctional hypocrisy from the very people preaching compassion for the poor?

So basically, if you want able bodied people to pay for part of their healthcare, you are a selfish uncaring monster.
BUT, if you support killing any viable baby simply for coming from a poor family, that is compassionate and tolerant.

Sound rational to you?
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The Democrats don't support healthcare for all. They support getting re-elected.

The word hypocrisy means... if a person judges another for not caring for the poor, while supporting the right to KILL the poor, that would be a major hypocrite!

Amarel(4987) Clarified
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I know abortion is a very important issue for you, but you should try to keep topics distinct and specific for the sake of discussion.

FromWithin(7827) Clarified
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There are few issues that so clearly separate political Parties.

Unrestricted abortion is a huge distinction between Democrats and Republicans. I use this issue in many of my debates because it cuts to the core of a politician's true motives. It shows his value system and by passes all the political rhetoric.

I use abortion as a means to look into one's soul, to grasp his true character. Does he truly care for all innocent life, or is he just talk, playing identity politics for purposes of elections no matter those sacrificed.

We have millions of people voting on the bases of what they hear on fake news, never taking the time to get past the one liners.

Democrats sound so good when supposedly caring for the poor, for their health, etc., etc., while demonizing the Right as uncaring monsters.

For those of us who look deeper then the sound bites, we see a Left wing Democrat Party that has sold it's soul to radical feminist Pro abortion lobbies. These Politicians have no core humanity for the poor, they support killing viable babies from poor families. It does not add up!

They simply use the poor as tools for ushering in their true Socialist ideology.

Republicans want to help the poor help themselves, and get off Government dependence.

FromWithin(7827) Clarified
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Having said all that, I agree with you, that my debate did not address the issue of free healthcare as much as the title would imply.

My bad :)

outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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So your dumb ass supports the Ralph Northam view on abortion ?????? Are you as stupid as your college education made you ???????????

outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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Why is it your Mommy gave birth to you but did not decide to kill you after birth ?????????

What you got to say stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JacobFrye(36) Disputed Banned
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I know abortion is a very important issue for you

He has a mentally ill obsession over it really. It's a bit concerning.

No. Either people have the right to live, or they don't. I'm a centrist, so don't call me a liberal, or I will LMAO, but I support free healthcare because I'm prolife, and support right to life, from conception, to natural death. I won't reivile you, but I disagree that one need be far left to support free healthcare, and I disagree with your opinion that healthcare is allegedly not a right. I am not looking for pity, but I am facing the possibility of thyroid cancer, or other thyroid problems due to genetics, and I believe I have the right to live. Don't just say healthcare isn't a right without giving me a reason. PS: I'm not voting for either Party, so please don't compare me to abortion loving liberal Democrats. I am liberal, and conservative depending on the individual issue you'd like me to discuss with you. I am very conservative on some things like Israel, religious liberty, etc. and you can call me bat garbage insane, but I'm voting for Jesus Christ, as I don't fully fit in either political party, and HATE the two party system. I know this was a long response, but I wanted to state my credentials as politically non binary.

FromWithin(7827) Clarified
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So if you lived during the time of Slavery when Republicans were trying to end it and Democrats were trying to keep it legal, would you have also not voted for either side?

I would think that issues of humanity, if they truly meant something to you, would get you down to the voting blocks to support the politicians trying to end the inhumanity of Slavery.

In the same way, if pro life truly means something to you, you would get down to the voting blocks and vote for the pro life politician REGARDLESS if you did not agree with some of his other positions.

Some issues are just too important not to vote!

FromWithin(7827) Clarified
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You are misrepresenting my stance on healthcare. This is something the Left constantly does.

I believe every person has a right to catastrophic healthcare dealing with life threatening accidents or illness. I also believe that every able bodied person should pay something for his healthcare.

I do not believe non catastrophic healthcare should be given out for free. If people say they are depressed, or have the common cold, etc. etc., then they can pay for it themselves or not go to the doctors. There is not enough money in the world to give everyone free healthcare for every ailment.

Tell me why people who can afford cigarettes, or alcohol, or cell phones, or casinos, or dinners out, or TV's, etc.etc., can't seem to come up with any money for their health?

Able bodied people should have to pay for at least part of their healthcare. Government bankrupts everything it touches.