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Do you hate it when people say "iceCREAM" instead of "ICEcream"


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That's something that my brother does all the time, put the emphasis on the wrong syllable or word. I don't know if there's a specific rule for emphasizing words/syllables, I'm pretty sure there is, but it should be made known or created if there isn't one. I find it very annoying, one of the most annoying things I've encountered.

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And do you know what else annoys me? People that end every sentence with an upward intonation that makes the sentence sound like a question even though it's not.

"Urm... I went to... the gym? And then I wanted to drink... some water? But I know it's not good after the gym so... I didn't?"

It's like they don't expect you to understand what they're saying. It's so patronizing. Nothing in there is or should be a question, and yet the person sounds like they are asking you. To which you are supposed to nod or say something like "u-huh" after every part of that sentence. It's so annoyiNG?!

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OMGF i hate when people say that so much it makes me just want to tear there heads off.

You are meant to put the freakin emphasis on the cream it is just more natural.

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Which side do I pick to point out that it's "ICED CREAM"? Grammar Police!

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DeanN(201) Disputed
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WTF!? ICED CREAM i think your living in the past.

The minimum length for an argument is 50 characters.

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Well, I say it like the former, so no. I don't see the problem. "I want some ice CREAM!" It only feels more natural....

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JakeJ(3255) Disputed
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then why not say:

waTER instead of WAter

naCHOS instead of NAchos

niCHOLE instead of nichole

pizZA instead of PIZza

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You're catching on! That IS how I say all of those. :-) I put the increased vocal emphasis on the ending vowels.

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