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 Do you hear your own voice in your head? If so... who do mutes hear? (4)

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Do you hear your own voice in your head? If so... who do mutes hear?

I notice when I'm thinking it's my own voice, which seems natural at least to me, but than I though, is it? Maybe some hear a parent talking to them or some voice they do not recognize. Well, most likely most of us hear the voice we perceive ourselves to have (though we usually find "I don't sound like that" when our voice is recorded).

So, do most hear their own voice? If so what if you are born mute, what does the voice in your head sound like then?

... and no I'm not crazy, everyone talks to themselves in their head.

Right? Right?

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911? I'm gonna need an ambulance for a Mr. iamdavidh. Thanks.

Just kidding. I'm not mute, so I couldn't say what they hear. Maybe they just see pictures with sign language. I mean, sign language is just as much a language as English, Finnish, Creole, etc.

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I have different voices for each of various languages. English tends to alternate between my own and John Wayne's (for some crazy reason I still can't figure out); for other languages it may just be heavily accented versions of my own voice for all that I know. I mean, my pronunciation is nigh perfect for Italian or Swedish or whichever language I happen to be thinking in at the moment, but when I speak it it is obvious that I have a heavy American accent.

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Mute and deaf people are able to hear voices in their head but differently and they also can have an ear for music. The greatest evidence is Ludwig van Beethoven, who was deaf, but created a lot of great music. It has been observed that when some deaf people speak by phone, the phone is not pressed to their ear, but to the temporal bone, which brings the vibration to the inner ear and a person can more or less understand it is the sound.

I do hear my own voice in my head and I can't substitute another voice for it.