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 Do you hold onto anger towards others who have offended you? How's your stress level? (1)

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Do you hold onto anger towards others who have offended you? How's your stress level?

I once listened to a lecture on the effects of holding grudges, not forgiving people who have done you wrong, holding anger against your spouse for the same types of things year after year, etc.

The speaker explained how unforgiving people will hold onto anger, thereby doing more harm to themselves then those who have angered them.

He went on to say that these angry people are in a constant state of unhappiness and turmoil, always fretting over some other person who has done them wrong.

The speaker explained how the person living in your mind is probably out there living a very happy stress free life, seldom giving you or the past argument a thought.

We can all relate to times when we have had conflicts with family members, co workers, etc.
So what happens? We fret day after day about the awkwardness of working around some co worker we've argued with.

We spend days at a time not speaking to our spouse from some stupid argument relived time after time.

How do YOU feel when dealing with these situations? You feel miserable even though you may be in the right. Maybe in your eyes, it was completely the other person's fault, but day after day it is YOU feeling terrible about it.

The bottom line of this speaker's lecture, was to get you to understand how forgiveness, letting go of your anger, not having to always be right, etc., will be the best thing you could ever do for your own well being.

Stress is responsible for many negative health issues in our lives, so we all have a choice to make.
We can choose to always be right when dealing with others who have offended us. We can chose to hold onto grudges etc., living with that constant nagging stress.

OR, we can choose to turn the other cheek, forgive and forget, regardless who was at fault. By doing this, we will be the ones enjoying a stress free life, enjoying our marriage, enjoying our co workers, etc.

It takes two to argue. We can choose to take the high ground, be the first one to forgive and forget, and living happier lives as a result.

Liberals would be the poster children for this person's lecture. They live in a constant state of anger towards Christians, Rich people, Gun owners, Men, Conservatives, heterosexuals, Pro life people, you name it.
They are very insecure people who must demonize others to feel better about themselves, but the bottom line is that they never do feel better about themselves.

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The next time you have that argument with your spouse. You know the one I'm talking about. The one you've had year after year after year since your glorious wedding day.

The next time your spouse does that same annoying thing, how about trying something new!

It takes two to argue correct? So how about taking the high ground, and ignoring this annoying habit that has set off a thousand arguments before.

How about letting it go, and keeping your mouth shut?

Yes Yes Yes, I know, IT IS THEIR FAULT, and they should not keep doing it.

Guess what will happen when you re frame from getting angry this time?


There will be no argument, but guess what will also happen? Your spouse will see a change in you.

You have broken the cycle!

When your spouse sees a change in you, they will take notice, I GUARANTEE!

It will lead to a change in them as well. You will notice how those annoying things will start happening less often.

It takes one person to make the first move, regardless who is at fault. Take the high ground and make the first move.

Your spouse will see the change, and make an effort as well.

It takes two to argue and you have broken the cycle.

It matters not who was right or wrong, because it is you who will benefit, regardless.

You can always be right, or you can be happy :)