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Do you know what Wicca is?

Answer the question before going to link
General Wicca description (


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Roughly. If I were to sum everything in to one sentence, which I'm sure does not do it justice, I would say," Its the worship of earth and nature".

Am I close?

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Not so much 'worship' as respect and revere. But, yes, it is a Earth based belief.

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ahh yea, I didn't want to use the word worship, but didn't think of anything better.

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Yes,it is a nature based religion that has been around 4ever. It is gaining popularity and acceptance in some places. It is not the scarey,an untalked about religion it used to be. I am wiccan.

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Since I am wiccan, I'd assume so. Its really... disturbing that people can mix up wicca and satanism. Not to mention, wicca's been around alot longer than most others, so whos to say we're the wrong? It's nature based and i guess...peaceful?

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Must be some kind of those new web2.0 sites. But the name sounds good:

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