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Yes, he's our only hope! No, I'm an uneducated rube.
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Do you know who Gary Johnson is?

With big plans of dismantling the federal government, doing a cost-benefit analysis of every gear and cog, and already talking about eliminating 43% of the government to make the country sustainable again, he hasn't been getting a lot of attention. His ideas aren't radical, they're backed by facts, and he has executive experience as the two-term Republican governor in New Mexico a 2 to 1 Democrat state! Leaving the office in 2003 with a billion dollar surplus in the bank, 1,000 less government jobs and 20,000 more private sector jobs, ("Government can't create jobs in the private sector, it can however create certainty to allow economic growth" - Johnson). To top it off, the man climbed Mt. Everest! I guess the question you should be asking yourself is, why haven't you heard about Gary Johnson?

Yes, he's our only hope!

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No, I'm an uneducated rube.

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Maybe people confuse him with Gary77777 ;)

Side: Yes, he's our only hope!
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I don't trust politicians, but I trust what johnson has to say over 77777.

Side: Yes, he's our only hope!
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