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 Do you know why Democrat voters hate Trump? He took away their excuse not having a job! (5)

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Do you know why Democrat voters hate Trump? He took away their excuse not having a job!

How could anyone hate the wonderful accomplishments of Trump? Any able bodied American who wants the pride of a job and self support, should love what Trump has done for them.

That only leaves us with one explanation to their blind vicious hatred for Trump. They don't want a job! It's so much easier to live in Mommy's basement smoking weed, then actually going to work each day.
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Do you know how you feel guilty when all your friends have jobs, but you don't?

Trump is making it hard for you and the excuses.

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That's right, everyone who doesn't like Trump doesn't have a job. And everyone who doesn't have a job doesn't have a job because they smoke weed. Only a sheltered little christian boy could be so accurate after never hearing out the other side and getting all their knowledge of the world from Fox News and from church.

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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Gee, another pathetic insult towards Christians. Have you ever responded to a debate without showing your hate filled bigotry? Join my ban list bigot!

Keefe_Sencen(10) Disputed Banned
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I am not trying to insult you if you’re Christian. And I agree about the bigotry ban list. But what would you say if I told you I was bi. Would you put me on your ‘ban list’

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Personally, I think that this is going against all of my moral principles and opinions, but I will try to have an open mind, as long as you have an open mind to my opinions too.

#PRIDE (gay pride, not trump pride)