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 Do you know why the Democrat Party has morphed into this extreme Socialist Party? (4)

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Do you know why the Democrat Party has morphed into this extreme Socialist Party?

50 years ago when the Democrat Party started buying votes with our hard earned income, they never realized how successful they would be in creating Government dependents.

Human nature will gladly take the easy way out when given the chance. Corrupt politicians quickly learned that pandering to our most selfish base desires, will lead to votes.

Never in their wildest dreams did they contemplate how easy it would be to destroy America's work ethic, creating peasant Sociaist voters.

The problem this radical Democrat Party has created for itself, is that millions of Americans still possess the intellect to see the damage caused by Socialist ideology.
Thanks to Trump, people are fighting back against corrupt Politicians using the working middle class for their Scialist piggy bank.

The few moderate Democrats left in this new Progressive Socialist Party no longer have a voice. They are watching their Party implode before their very eyes.

The Democrat Party of John Kennedy... "ask not what your Goverment can do for you"... has turned into Bernie Sander's ... DEMAND WHAT GOVERNMENT MUST GIVE YOU"!

We are over 20 TRILLION in debt and this sick party is promising to cancel your College debt, cancel your Healthcare debt, etc. on the backs of tax payers!
They are trying to buy your vote by promising you free College, free Healthcare, free everything... and the only thing you have to do is vote Democrat!

This next election should be a landslide for Trump. If it is not, the American dream is truly on the brink of collapse.
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You all know how difficult it is to take back free give aways once people start believing they are entitled to them.

The Democrat Party has created this massive entitlement menatality, and our nation is going bankrupt dealing with it.

Do you know why the Democrat Party has morphed into this extreme Socialist Party?

Because without objective morals and standards you'll ally with any stray from off of the street, especially toxic, destructive ones.

Yes, when a Party lacks objective morals and standards, they have no problem climbing in bed with the devil.

The Left and the Democrat Party has contempt for our Christian heritage. They ushered in this selfish generation of Government dependents.

The Left understands that faith in God creates hard working people who do not want a big Government controlling our money and freedoms. They had to put forth the lie of Separation of Church and State (no where in the constitution), so as to eliminate the work ethic and moral foundations in America.

The resulting break down in our culture opened the door to corrupt Politicians feeding off the suffering of those choosing to live irresponsibly.

This opened the door to their Socialistic goals.