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Do you like FOX Noise?


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No, and the same goes for all the 24 hour "news" channels. They all lie on a regular basis and have become nothing more than propaganda machines.

"45 percent of the claims we’ve checked from NBC and MSNBC pundits and on-air personalities have been rated Mostly False, False or Pants on Fire. At Fox and Fox News Channel, that same number is now 58 percent. At CNN, it’s 22 percent." source

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I tend to agree. I am a fan of Randi Rhodes...........................................

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I hate anything that Ruper Murdoch owns... That being said, I don't think it's right to say that news has to be unbiased as this would be to say that you may as well be reading a factbook of statistics rather than writing and delivering news.

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Yes i do but are you parroting your POTUS Barack Obama ? Is Fox News the sole problem of the Progressive / Left party ?

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Cartman(18192) Disputed
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When did Obama call it "Fox noise"?

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Sitar(3682) Clarified
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I care too much about your rights to arrest you........................................

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Fox Noise is as upsetting to Democrats as it is to Barack Obama.

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Typical post from the resident confused wannabe feminist twit.

You criticize an entire network just because their political zeitgeist differs from yours. I could make a debate calling MSNBC noise too. But I know that would be unfair and a straw man argument. So I don't. That's what happens when you are in science. You learn the empirical method and the objectivity of unbiased observation.

You need to try it some time. But first you need a class in political science 101. When you get hold enough.


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Sitar(3682) Disputed
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Proof that feminists can be prolife:

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