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Do you like the fact that Michael Jackson's casket was made of gold?

Was it really necessary and appropriate to use a golden coffin for his memorial? Or was it just the usual way of Hollywood to show off its wealth?

Yes, I do.

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No, I don't.

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More like, I don't care. A casket is a casket, and people spend a ton of money on casket's and funerals than I think necessary, period. And not just rich people, even ordinary people. They had the money to give him a casket of their choice, and they chose gold (if it really was gold), but who cares. Besides the fact it will probably lead a ton of gravediggers to try and steal the coffin and cash it in...

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That's funny, both my daughter and myself saw it a high polished silver with some kind of accents, either inlaid or topical. We were in two different locations and saw the same thing so I don't know...but I do know this! I could care less what MJ's casket was made of as long as the family saw fit to choose it for him. I was half expecting an ornate ebony wood!

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Well, it looks as though we were both wrong it different ways. The casket was described as Solid Bronze with 14K gold overlays with a blue velvet interior on Larry King last night. I asked my daughter again today and she still says it came off like silver and I still agree. In other photos you can notice the gold accents much better than when his casket was lying at the foot of that stage. It is said that it is the same type of casket James Brown used for his burial and cost $25,000. The casket was made by Batesville and is named the "Prometheus." Not bad for an icon!

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I love the fact that His casket was made that way it is as it should be for the King Of Pop!

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I don't. But it's not my dislike for michael Jackson that makes me feel that way. Its my personal belief that people should be cremated or burried without any casket. It's an environmental thing.

And to make it out of precious metals, whatever they may be, is certainly wastefull.

Not to mention that gold is not an environmentally friendly metal to harvest....

So oevrall envioronmentally and fiscally irresponsible.

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I honestly never would have thought of any of that. I just didn't like it because it was tacky and just done to show off. Great argument!

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It seems a bit tacky and overdone, no?


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I agree that it was wasteful; that money could've been used to make a huge difference in the world. BUT, it wasn't my decision to make, and I don't really have the right to judge.

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