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Do you practice what you preach?

So do you live in the real world as you preach here?

Do you try to live in the real world as you preach on this site?

Or do you imagine a perfect world and try to answer for that world?


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100% of the time. It's a lot easier to do if you don't have a religion telling you what to do, and how you're such a bad person all the time. Ethics are all relative, and since I have the freedom to make up my morals and change them at will, I can never do wrong by me.

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I find it impossibly hard to believe

BUT as you said.. you live by your own rules/laws so I guess it's possible.

However changing your morals at will obviously shows that you don't truly do what you believe... cause you can change your morals to suit your actions...

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I can say that I don't practice what I preach.

I.e. Saying I'm against underage sex even though I broke that law and would happily do it again if it applied.

I.e. Arguing for my religious beliefs yet not complying to them 100%...

I don't claim to be a saint - far from it - but when I come to this site I debate for a world I wished we lived in...

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