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 Do you really care about an actor's political views? (12)

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Do you really care about an actor's political views?

Actors are not the brightest humans

What is the average level of education of an actor? Are they smart enough for us to consider their political point of view? What makes them think we care what they think? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to be an actor. An actor has never come up with a theory that has changed the world or had any practical application.

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One would assume that actors are at least smart enough to learn from the Dixie Chicks!

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Did people in the Middle Ages ask the court jester what he thought about the king?

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No, I just wish that they would shut up. I feel like we can't escape them and their soapboxes. Most of them do not know what they are talking about. For the ones that do, get your own political show if you feel like it's necessary for you to tell us all what you think. You can be the anti-Rush. I just don't care what you think, your life is nothing like mine.

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Good point (you get one up vote). The lives of actors are so detached from the real world that I just don't see how we can take their point of view seriously. People do what is good for them. What is good for an actor may not be good for me. An actor's life is so different from mine that I don't see how something that benefits him, benefits me.

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Actors are great humanitarians and have a big heart. They are great humanitarians because they think with their big heart. They think with their heart because they only use half their brain. They only use half their brain because the other half is used as a temporary storage device for whatever role they are required to fill.

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They're entitled to their views, but I don't want to hear them...unless of course they agree with mine. ;)

You said:

"An actor has never come up with a theory that has changed the world or had any practical application."

Ahem, cough, cough, sputter sputter. You should research Hedy Lamarr! :)

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OK, but she's the exception rather than the rule. She's an anecdote. However, you're right. I should not have used the word, "never." One up vote for you.

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I cannot judge how smart they are. I do know that they have a right to their opinions and a right to voice it. But personally, I don't let their thoughts/opinions determine mine!

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Good answer. One up vote.

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Does anybody know the average level of education for an actor? That is actually a pretty interesting question.

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i do notice a trend though. although most openly political actors are liberal, there are some conservatives. the thing is, the liberal actors always sound the same and often sound like morons (they go faaar left and make liberal ideology sound stupid as shit) and the conservative actors tend to not say much except some commentary on political occurences. this is helpful since it doesn't hurt conservatives (although, people like Rush Limbaugh and Anne Coulter do it a lot, by making it sound like Conservatives want a theocracy).

also, most of the openly conservative actors are tough guy actors:

Bruce Willis


Sylvestor Stallone

Wilford Brimley

John Voigt


so it's helpful for the image that conservatives try to make. the tough guys.

of course, i really don't care about any of their points of view. i'm simply analyzing what works and what doesn't, and when you listen to all of these liberal actors speak, it is not helpful at all. if anything, it only hurts (because most of the people who vote are actually smart enough to know when they hear bullshit).

one thing i found surprising was that Johnny Ramone was a Conservative who supported Bush. biggest shock in Punk besides the Straight Edge movement.

another thing is that since there is overwhelming Liberal ideology in Hollywood and the music industry, a conservative often attracts more interest.

Side: Hurts more then helps usually

Matt Damon is not a tough guy but he plays one in movies ;)

By the way, this supports my comment that a conservative can kick ass on any Pansie ass, anti-war demonstrator any day of the week!

Side: Hurts more then helps usually