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Boeing's production costs are mostly in United States dollars, while Airbus' production costs are mostly in euros. When the dollar appreciates against the euro the cost of producing a Boeing aircraft rises relative to the cost of producing an Airbus aircraft, and conversely when the dollar falls relative to the euro it is an advantage for Boeing. There are also possible currency risks and benefits involved in the way aircraft are sold. Boeing typically prices its aircraft only in dollars, while Airbus, although pricing most aircraft sales in dollars, has been known to be more flexible and has priced some aircraft sales in Asia and the Middle East in multiple currencies. Depending on currency fluctuations between the acceptance of the order and the delivery of the aircraft this can result in an extra profit or extra expense - assuming Airbus has not purchased insurance against such fluctuations.

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Both aircraft manufacturers have good safety records on recently manufactured aircraft. By convention, both companies tend to avoid safety comparisons when selling their aircraft to airlines. Most aircraft dominating the companies' aircraft sales, such as the Boeing 737-NG and Airbus A320 families (as well as both companies' wide-body offerings) have good safety records as well. Older model aircraft such as the Boeing 727, the original Boeing 737s and 747s, Airbus A300 and Airbus A310, which were respectively first flown during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, have had higher rates of fatal accidents.

Boeing is by far superior to Airbus in many ways. They build much safer planes, whereas Airbus seems to care only for their business. Airbuses tend to try to cram as many seats as possible into their airliners, which Boeing provides a calmer and safer form of transportation for their customers. There is a very good example of Airbus's lack of safety, following the release of the Airbus A380. This new plane was reported, on multiple occasions, to have cracks in its wings. Airbus representatives and eventually the CEO dismissed them as perfectly safe. These cracks continued to grow until finally one started to display serious problems, and every single one had to be recalled and repaired. People now are taking blows at the 787 for its battery fires, when they seem to be forgetting Airbus's wing crack dispute. At least Boeing immediately agreed with the grounding of it's planes and did everything in their power to fix the issue. I am in full support of Boeing.

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I am agree with this comment. in Airbus A380's wing crack, Airbus had not immediately response when accident have happened. Airbus try to mitigate the severity of the accident also It is not serious error design.

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The Airbus A380, for example, is substantially larger than the Boeing 747.

The Airbus A350 competes with the high end of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Boeing 777.

The Airbus A320 is larger than the Boeing 737-700 but smaller than the 737-800.

The Airbus A321 is larger than the Boeing 737-900 but smaller than the previous Boeing 757-200.

Since its larger, it uses more fuel, and hence, not that environmentally friendly

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Since its larger, it uses more fuel, and hence, not that environmentally friendly

Not necessarily true. The 747-400 burns 20% more fuel per seat than the A380; and The 747-8I burns 12% more than the A380. The A380 is much more efficient and quieter. It was also made to more rigorous safety and environmental standards.

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At one accident per eighteen-million hours of flying. And, in that one accident, everyone survived.


One accident in twelve-million hours puts the A-330 in eighth position.

s First built in 1993.

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You must remember, these are commercial aircraft. Companies are paid to transport goods or humans. Thus, the fuel cost is absorbed by the payee. What makes you think a larger aircraft is not as environmentally friendly? If you compare the 787 and the 777, the 777 is more environmentally friendly cuz it uses less fuel then it's smaller brother, the 787.