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Do you support physician-assisted suicide?

cruel or kind?


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If I end up with Alzheimer's, which I probably will, please assist.

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And if I get palsy, at least hold my hand steady!

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When you or your family member is suffering from an incurable, painful, destructive, expensive, and distressing disease which causes your life to fall part, you will ask for their painless passing. They may be in no condition to ask you or their doctor, but you will be able to see the anguish in their eyes. The love you have will bring you to the conclusion that hastening their inevitable death is the most humane, compassionate and merciful decision in your life.

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At this time, yes I do...but only for myself and not for another family member who has not indicated in some way that this is what they desire. The argument will be this...well how do you know if they're in a coma or cannot speak? The answer is that you will know just as I knew when it was time for my mother to go. I had taken care of her in the last nine months of her life and watched her go through abominable distress...but she chose living over dying at all costs. Never presume to know what someone else wants. That is nothing but purely selfish on the other person's part. Only YOU know when you're ready to leave this world.

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This is a big issue in my fam. We are all very anti- nursing home. My Great grandfather died on the floor of one unnoticed for hours.

We have all talked and agreed. My Grandmother has a do not resuscitate bracelet. My Grandfather was a member of the Hemlock Society and departed us on his own discretion.

But Joe is going to assist me - Ok Joe - if you see dementia setting in you got me - right? And I got you if I see any signs of Palsy. Great to have allies.

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If a patient is suffering great pain and no cure is in sight, then the patient should be allowed to die with dignity.

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