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Yes, its no big deal No, that is retarded
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Do you text and drive?

The law is cracking down on people who text and drive... are you guilty?

Yes, its no big deal

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No, that is retarded

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Yes, and it is a big deal. I realize that I should not be texting and driving. I mostly just do it at stoplights.

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Hopefully we won't be reading about you in a newpaper soon!

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I did once and I never felt more unsafe. Not only did it take me several minutes to type out a coherent text message, but I felt so scared the entire time that I would crash. So I've learned from that mistake and now the only texting done in the car is when I'm at a red light, in park, or in the passenger seat!

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i'd have to give a 200%...yes 200% no for one it i possible but highly dangerous and wuts the point of texting if u can just wait till you get to your destination and then spend the time texting where you are less likely to risk your life .

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