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Do you think America should have free higher education and universal healthcare?

So far it seems like America is the only developed country without any form of universal healthcare and some European countries offer free higher education but this is only free for residents in that country or member countries of the EU.

I should also mention the downside to those things being in place. The countries that do have them also tend to have extremely high taxes so if America did adopt those two things you would most definitely see a large hick in the taxes.


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Education system as a whole has become nothing more than a joke and so one should truly get what they pay for. Even free would be paying too much.



We finally examine college, and that all important college degree, and discover the truth - or what we think is the truth!

Note: If you are in school pursuing a B.S. degree then most of what is written below does not apply to you. Congratulations! You may have a future!


If you think your parent(s) sent you to college because they care about you - think again...

Your parent(s) sent you to college for only one reason.

To get you out of the house.

Face facts, at this point in your parent's life they see you as an obnoxious, arrogant, lying, drunk, dope fiend! A reminder to them that they should have used birth control. Do you think Mom and Dad, or Mom and her new ‘boyfriend’ Ramon want you lying around the house telling them that they are (a) lousy parent(s), (b) eating all the food in the refrigerator and (c) whining that you need money so you can buyPlay-stationn 2!? Of course not. In their opinion, even though college costs a fortune and will turn you into a drug addicted, Karl Marx spouting robot, it’s worth every penny just to be rid of you for a few months!


Saying college is the thirteenth grade is an insult to thirteenth grade. College is actually more like re-taking ninth grade and paying attention. Be honest (at least with yourself), college nowadays is just an excuse to do nothing for four years (which we are completely for). It has become a motley assortment of make-believe majors and self-righteous idiocy. It is a mental hospital staffed by insane, enraged, wimpy, loser, ex-hippie, babboomer'ssrs who could never face the real world themselves. Most of these ‘Professors’ were college students who in 1972, with the ending of the Vietnam War (and the protesting they so loved), found they had to find some way to make a living without doing anything. These baby boomers couldn’t actually stand up to the rigors of ‘real’ college (which used to be hard – and we mean ‘really, really’ hard - which of course is why so few people used to get in). Nor were they willing to get a real job. So what they did is protest for more ‘socially relevant’ courses (i.e. lame-ass courses) So that they could get a degree while stoned (again, we aren’t actually against this). Eventually they found a way to get a PhD/Masters in these newly created, obscure, pointless fields so they could then teach you their stupid ‘discipline’ and get tenured (salaried for life for doing nothing). Which leads us to today where you now pay an institution close to $20,000.00 (repeat: twenty thousand dollars!) a year to teach you something that you could learn from a $10.00 book, stoned, and or drunk, in your spare time.

COLLEGES- Which ones are better?

Here is a simple test. Is your school an Ivy League school?

If you said “yes,” you are in luck! You might actually parley this into money! Most people will be impressed that you were able to get into a good school and might be stupid enough to hire you. Unless, that is, you got a BFA, in which case your answer should now be changed to a ‘no.’

If your answer was “no. “ Forget it, you are in the realm of the generic “any school.” No one is impressed at all - unless maybe the person hiring you also went to that school. In which case it might help - but then (if they went there) they will know what a sad, pathetic school it is, and will probably not hire you anyway!


An accurate breakdown of what your degree really means.

B.S. (Bachelor of Science) – Actually, this is a real degree, and guarantees some sort of work, somewhere. note: this is true so long as you didn’t study something like environmental engineering or agriculture...

RESUME VALUE: An actual degree! Will open doors. You are actually not a loser!

B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) - You have insignificant knowledge and vague general suppositions about obscure authors with half-baked ideas, conjured up by losers. This is the ultimate nebulous, non-degree. It literally means that you know nothing.

RESUME VALUE: Just slightly better than getting a B.A. from a community college.

B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts) - You are more than likely permanently damaged as a human being. A BFA actually guarantees that you cannot ever get a high paying job. Ever.

RESUME VALUE: It would probably be better not mention you got this degree, not if you want a job, that is.


This is a valid point. What is the real reason? To learn? No. If you are motivated to learn you do not need college for this. There are more than enough resources, libraries, the internet, etc. Learning is about you wanting to know something. This is not a talent that can be taught. You either have the desire to learn - or you don’t. There are many successful people who never went to college. In fact most highly successful people didn’t go there. So don’t fool yourself. Beside within a few months of graduating you will have forgotten what little you crammed into your head all those nights you took crystal-meth and stayed up to study for finals.


When you boil it down the only point of going to college are a.) to party, and b.) to get away from you parent(s).

If you are honest and realize why you went to college, good for you. Though it is a huge waste of money, it really doesn’t matter. As long as you aren’t paying for it… who the fuck cares!


“Those who can do. Those who can’t... teach!”

That is why your professors are on your campus teaching, because they failed the real test, which is being successful in the real world. Because they have lived in or around colleges for most of their lives they have built up vast stores of theoretical knowledge of how the real world works. The ultimate truth is that theoretical knowledge is just that – theoretical – and on the whole, almost completely incorrect.

To learn from people like this is dangerous. This is really not a joke. It literally takes years of your life (and we speak from experience) to get their stupid, disturbing ideas out of your head so that you can even begin to succeed at life. Which means you are virtually guaranteed to be screwed until the age of thirty-five!

Let us make an additional comment about teachers. For the past few years the “media” has started bitching about how ‘undervalued’ teachers are. This is utter bullshit that comes from the publicity arm of the teacher’s unions. In our opinion teachers are so overpaid for what they do it is criminal.

So what does a ‘Teacher (Professor) do?


Work in the College World

Professors only work about half of the year at best, and most of that time only a half of an actual day. Summer is completely off, as are any holidays, as well as a long stretch in the winter, plus additional break periods. Basically they get paid full time wages for part time work.


Work in the Real World

It is a deadly 9-5 grind. 5 days a week with only a few weeks of vacation.


Pressure in the College World

College professors are never questioned about what they know. Who could call them on their mistakes anyway? Their students? Who else is in the classroom to judge them? You will always know less about the subject than the teachers. Which means they are free from any real meaningful criticism of their jobs. Once they know a course very little ever changes, so they pretty much never have to learn anything new for the rest of their careers. We won’t even talk about high school teachers or below, as these ‘teachers’ were too lame to even become college professors.


Pressure in the Real World

In the real world you are constantly being judged on your performance. If you fail at your job - you are fired. You have to perform every day, there isn’t any choice. Knowledge and procedures are constantly changing so you constantly have to figure out more and more, or never advance to a higher job. There are Supervisors and Managers who constantly observe and judge your performance.

So don’t shed a tear for your teachers, they get paid enormously for very little work, with almost no pressure.



When you are taught by failures, who have effectively failed in the world, what are they likely to teach you? Certainly not what works. What they teach you is what they know, and what they know is how to do it all wrong. Therefore you are learning what they know all too well - which is how to fail.

Never doubt the ignorance of your Professor. This is a person who will stop at nothing to infect you with all the wrong attitudes and ideas. Notice also that they can't stand successful people out in the real world, they call those people who succeed evil, or ignorant (a popular tool in most academic arguments), or bourgeois or imperialists, etc. etc. ad infinitum, when it is they themselves who are truly the dull-witted ones.

This having been said - be careful! Disagreeing with these people can be very dangerous. They are incredibly vindictive (like the losers they are) and will reduce your grades or even get you kicked out of school for not agreeing with them. They will also do other childish things such as ridicule you in front of class, shun you, and tell other professors that you have a bad attitude, which will make it hard for you to pass any other courses. Just know that they are miserably unaware of how things truly work. Look at them in front of you and truly know them for the failures that they are. Hopefully they will not damage you and you can at least get on with your life! If you want that degree for your resume, listen enough to pass the course, don’t believe any of it, and keep your mouth shut!


Here’s the low-down, stay in school simply for your résumé. Or don’t go at all! Just lie and say you went to college somewhere in Montana (note: most companies don’t check your college information anyway (mainly because what you learned was useless to your job anyway - also, they usually don't have the time to do it). NOTE: do not lie if you are getting a high paying or security sensitive job, or a job with the military.

Anyway, have a good time, try not to die, take some useful courses (accounting, finance, basic law) and don't become brainwashed. If you listen to this advice you will have a good life, and be miles ahead of almost every other college educated retard out there.


20, 000/year x 4 years = 80,000. If you spent some time doing some real research and put your college money in one semi-decent stock you could expect a 30% compounded return over 10 years. This could end up as a final total of $1,102,867.93 by the time you were 28 years old! (note: if this amount of money had been invested in Microsoft back in 1987 you would have made $42 Million dollars by 1997.) Instead you will give the money to a bunch of feeble lunatics who will actual brainwash you with all the ideas that lead to failure so that you end up, out of desperation, working at a job you hate and paying off student loans until you are 35 years old.


This is not my words, but my sediments. In college I learned who said this along with many other things I can't remember.

Do you really what me to start on healthcare?

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Do you have any idea how few people are going to read that whole rant? My guess would be not many. But I would be interested in seeing your next rant on healthcare.

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Oh no! Free healthcare and education! Who's suffering will we profit off of now? Oh, wait, we still have insurance.

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I do Believe we should have free Higher education, Here is why, education is an Investment into America's future it Helps nurture new Ideas, helps create new businesses, and A Strong & Educated Middle Class Is Key to Getting Our Economy Moving. Its the middle class that are jobs creators by their innovation & Idea's Makes the economy grow not the rich at the top. why are we only country that does not have universal healthcare? the number reason the Insurance company and Drug company's are making billions of dollars, if we had universal healthcare these company would loose billions and the rich does not like to loose money!!!

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America needs universal healthcare along with free higher education. Both of these programs are beneficial to society.

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Well, unless all the employees provide that healthcare and education at no cost, it's not actually free.

Someone is paying for it.

The question should instead ask "should education and healthcare be centralized".

Well, should it be free? Sure. but it can't be. So, should it be centralized? No.

Ideally, there would be no government involvement whatsoever in the fields of health and education. Already it's expensive just because government has things like the FDA and requirements of licensing, permits, etc. Now that it's expensive (also from subsidization and contracting and restrictions on competition) certain opportunists are trying to make it completely centralized so that whoever works for the government will be greatly benefited (including the insurance companies).

Consider the schools of New Jersey, where spending is at its highest and the Unions are at their strongest, yet the schools are in the worse shape (and competition is extremely limited since many schools aren't approved for various reasons).

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Ahem, I would like to outline now that the U.S is currently in a trillion dollar debt.

You simply cannot afford free higher education and healthcare.

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casper3912(1581) Disputed
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We can not afford to not have it, I would gladly invest money I did not have if I knew it would result in me gaining more than losing. I would especially do such if it resulted in me gaining instead of losing.

There are other things which we can not afford to spend on, like some of our military activities. They serve little function and can disappear. They are not good investments either.

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Axmeister(4320) Disputed
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While education is good, it can be interpeted as bad for the economy, most qualifications lead to careers in services, services don't produce anything they just help support the advancement of the country.

Also, the U.S military protects your country, it serves more than a "little function".

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Yet the 90 out of the top 100 universities in the world are in the United States and the world immensely depends on the innovative practices of private medical companies due to non socialized education and healthcare.

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casper3912(1581) Disputed
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"If it ain't broke, don't fix it", But all capital depreciates and in a competitive market you have to adapt. Private education and healthcare are not adequate for our future needs. The wide gap between the rich and poor, combined with high costs for education and healthcare means a lower quality of life more more Americans as time continues on. One way to reduce that cost is though regulations, and some regulations can improve the American economy, especially since we are competing globally.

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Actually the best way to reduce a cost is to not have a cost. Take Gandhi for example. When his government put a price on salt he gathered a group of people and they went down to the local beach and made the salt themselves. His point was why put a price on things that nature provides for free. My view point is a little more extreme as to why do we need money in the first place? Why does everyone have to be better than someone else? Why can't we just live as equals?

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So who will pay for this free "higher education" ? Tax payers? Borrow the money from china? Higher Taxes which kill jobs? Who will employ you if there are no jobs? Fucking idiot communist. Seriously ... Move to another country if you don't like it. I don't want your bullshit shoved down my throat.

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