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Do you think Michael Vick will ever play NFL football again?


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Although I don't think he should be allowed to play, I think that he will play again because there are a lot of teams that could use an athlete as talented as Mike Vick. I don't know if he'll be able to come back as a quarterback, but I could see him playing as a slot receiver or a return man. The owners are all about making as much money as possible and they don't really care about the character of the players as long as they're putting butts in the seats, they'll sign them.

The only thing that could keep him out of the NFL again is if there are massive protests against teams who try to sign him, which will force a PR nightmare that the teams will want to avoid at all costs.

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You are right, if he still has his skills some team will try to bring him back. This is not the first time that an athlete has done some thing illegal and still played! At the same time, I hope that he won't play and that the fans boo him back onto the bench. In fact, I hope that as a society we had a higher standard for these athletes.

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I bet he will as much as I would hate it. haha I read recently that he is making 12 cents an hour now and has lost all his yachts and his farms are being taken next

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I don't want him to, but he'll find his way onto a team. He's still fast as hell, and he has an entire year to get stronger.

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Hell yes Mike Vick should be aloud to play again. He was convicted of harboring and transporting, not actually fighting. On top of that they are just dogs. Your lovely "humane" centers kills hundreds of dogs a year. He did the crime, and he paid the time. Lets let the guy get on with his life. Ya'll are just a bunch of muffin munching, granola crunching, liberal assholes.

While we're at it lets ban guns to WTF!!!

Side: whats with the liberals
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Of couse Vick will get another chance, but it will not be with a good team. He also probably won't be playing QB.

Come on Vick, you were my NFL idol. Why would you want to hurt dogs for? You make me sick.

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It is now 2015 and Michael Vick is currently back in football. As I always say, "Sports gets away with everything."

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I should hope not! This person isn't worthy enough to play pro football if he cannot abide by the law and has no conscience. Michael Vick is a brutal felon who should never again have the right to be idolized by children or anyone else. He still faces two subsequent charges upon his release and if he is found guilty, it puts a real damper on his physical ability to return to the game he loved.

I, for one, hope he never has the opportunity to play ball again. He should be made to tour parts of this country and speak on the subject of ramifications of training pit bulls to fight to the death, kill innocent animals when not suited to the task, and parallel that with losing his right to pursue his career. Will he be rehabilitated when he returns to his home? Let us first see what he's learned from this experience. If he is so bold as to write a book about it, all proceeds should go to the ASPCA or Pit Bull rescue groups.

Side: I can only hope he does not

I love, love, love the idea of profits going to animals!

Side: I can only hope he does not

I think they should put him in a fight with a real pittbull, except tie his hands behind his back so he can only fight with his mouth.

Side: Poetic Justice