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Do you think a straight person going to a homosexual club makes them gay?

I'm a straight woman who has a lot of homosexual friends so I went out with them to a homoseual club. Afterwards other people asked me if I was lesbian because I went to a gay club. I think that's close minded. If you're sure of your sexuality it doesn't matter where you go, it matters if you have fun. After all, it's just dancing.

If a gay man goes to a straight club, does that make him straight? No! Then why if a straight person goes to a gay club, it makes them gay? 

Yes, yes it does.

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No, not at all!

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If a man enters the women's restroom does that mean he is a woman?

Side: Yes, yes it does.

The only thing that makes someone gay is sexual attraction to the same gender. If simply being somewhere was sufficient to make somebody switch teams, the Florida Keys would be empty.

Side: No, not at all!
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You aren't gay if you go to a gay club, but if you go to a gay club don't be surprised if someone asks you if you are gay. It isn't close minded to ask someone who went to a gay club if they are gay, it is close minded to say they are gay for going to a gay club.

Side: No, not at all!

Gay clubs actually know how to party, how does my choice of entertainment make me a homosexual.

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Having sexual desire for someone of the same sex makes you gay.

Side: No, not at all!

As already pointed out, attraction exclusively to members of the same sex makes you gay. If you enter the club straight, you will most likely leave straight.

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well as long as you went there to have fun, i don't see a reason why that would make you gay...however if you got sexually attracted to someone of the same gender then that is something else...other than that does not make you gay..

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Being homosexual makes you homosexual. A location doesn't make you gay, but it would be slightly odd to go to a gay club as a straight person.

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A considerable amount of Straights go to Gay clubs and still come out Straight.

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