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Do you think being a police officer is a stressful job?


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Sure of course it's stressful. Cops aren't called because everything is mellow.

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Do you think being a police officer is a stressful job?


I do.


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Developing(493) Disputed
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Excon, as a leftist you support the defund the police movement.

Fact : Since the defund the police movement started there has been a 43% increase in black men being killed.

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Yes, being surrounded by cops all your working day must be nerve-racking.

Eating doughnuts and shooting people must also take its toll, but I suppose somebody has to do it.

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Amarel(5567) Clarified
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Donut eating cop is a pretty old trope. That was back in the 80's before proactive policing took off and helped send crime plummeting.

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Of course. You always have to be on the lookout for any citizen in danger or a citizen causing trouble. You have to be fit to run after them and you do have to be cautious because the bad guys can always find a way to get to you. With the amount of reports that you must write, the amount of time you must spend, the amount of thinking and analyzing of crime scenes and the finding of all suspects and evidence, cops go through alot. Blue lives matter on the streets. They look out for all of us. Defunding the police is wrong.

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